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Company Leadership

Bryce McMurry

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bryce McMurry is the Co-founder and dual CEO of Kaliber Management and Kinetic Capital Holding (acquires underperforming Mobile Home and RV parks). He has over 25 years of real estate experience ranging from commercial property development and sets the strategic direction in all phases from acquisition to operations. His expertise and experience coupled with his 17 plus years as a dynamic military leader (United States Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel) enables him to operate and execute the roles, responsibilities, and vision as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kinetic Capital Holding and Kaliber Management. Bryce finds great fulfillment in transforming poorly performing properties into very attractive products that address the affordable housing crisis and transforming these asset classes to create outdoor destination experiences for families.

Owen Gates

Business Operations Manager

As operations manager, Owen leverages his vast experience in analytics to create a data driven culture that efficiently manages multi million dollars of Assets Under Management (AUM) by Kaliber Management. These assets include real estate products that range from cabins, RV’s, and manufactured homes across multiple states. He enjoys establishing systems and adopting processes to enable efficiencies in all aspects of operations. Owen’s experience in academia and practical experience has enabled him to bring multi-dimensional solutions to any issue. He is involved in the entire life cycle, including acquisition, closing, and operating an asset, which entails establishing organizational structure (staffing) and other management responsibilities that help enable product market fit (such as the utilization of technology systems). His interaction with various stakeholders enables Kaliber Management to efficiently manage over 1,000 plus real-estate properties across the southeast United States.

Lloyd Osafo

Executive Chairman

Serves as the Executive Chairman of Kaliber Management and provides overall strategic investment directions. Supports the CEO in operational and investment activities of the firm's Top 100 MHP/RV professional management and in house construction teams. This in house capability lends support to high growth manufactured housing and RV destination park assets under management. Serial entrepreneur and a seasoned hands-on information technologist with Army combat leadership experience.

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